Book Review: Words of Smiths

words of smiths

words of smiths- by WizKonect

Author: Various
Language: English
Pages: 122
Price: Rs.200
Publisher: All About Books Global
ISBN Number: 9788192569017

Wizkonect’s ‘Words Of Smiths’ is an anthology of poems of contemporary Indian writers and poets. Way back in the year of 2012, the Wizkonect team had organized a national level poetry contest known as “Wordsmith”. This book is an inspiration of this poetry contest. It is through Wizkonect’s careful thought and effort that this book took its birth. The book is a success in capturing all the best entries of this poetry contest.


‘Word Of Smiths’ is a beautiful compilation of short and yet simple poems written in English by young Indian writers who have felt a poet within themselves. Being an Indian citizen, I am impressed by the thoughts and emotions of young Indians. Their poems comprised of different moods, styles, and themes. Let’s say, this book is a very supportive and artistic approach of the Wizkonect’s team who have been successful in bringing the enthusiasm of young Indian minds with different levels of thoughts, emotions, and moods to the public attention.


“When I tread miles lost in thoughts,

You suddenly walk by to strengthen my weak knots.”


The above poem lines are from ‘A Mother’s Imprint’ written by Pragya Sinha. Through her poem, Pragya has shown an attitude of attachments and affection with a person like mother. In her poem, she has stressed about gaining strength and power from a person like mother whom she loves and admires most and remembers her even when she is not around her.


“”Wanna dance?” she asked “though it seems too childish”

Instantly he pulled her towards him as the moment seemed

too lavish

For both of them.”


The above poem lines are from ‘A Perfect Date’ written by Nikhil Jain. Through his poem, Nikhil Jain has put the accent on the sensuous moments when two young lovers who meet in some unusual and ecstasy way.


“Do you have a loaf of bread?

I am your best friend, remember!

Signify your passionate zenith,

I crave only for your affection.”


The above poem lines are a contribution of Divyamaan Srivastava in his exclusive poem ‘Dog: Man’s Best Friend’. In his metaphoric poem, Divyamaan has shown a thought-provoking approach in writing from a dog’s POV. He stressed about what and how a dog can feel and think about humans and humanity. The poet has shown a matured level of thought through his poem.


“Do you see a vision

We being together,

Forgetting everything around us

And wrapped in the moment forever.”


The above poem lines are from ‘Dancing With You’, a contribution by Karan Bhargava. In his poem, Karan loves to live a life of fantasies and dreams. He has shown a frivolous state of mind while writing these lines.


“There was no figure standing as I stared

Into the mirror no comforting reflection cared”


The above poem lines are from ‘Fading Away….’ composed by Suvij Sudershan. Through his poem, Suvij has tried to point out that at times a person can be in a state of delirium and fear. His quizzical thoughts have impressed me a lot.


‘Words Of Smiths’ is an anthology of 56 youthful poems with all shades of human emotions and thoughts. All of the poems have amazed me a lot. Overall, this book of selective poems of young minds is worth-keeping.

Reviewed by Sanchyeta Srivastava

About the book:

WizKonect introduces “Wordsmith” – a national level poetry contest. First in its own kind, “Wordsmith” works towards bringing Indian poems and poets into limelight. The book “word of smiths” comprises of the best entries of this contest. In the dictionary, the most beautiful word, asides from God and love, is poetry. Poetry is beauty and beauty is endless, therefore, poetry is endlessly beautiful. Magical integration of words which pass on great feelings to the readers. Poetry in India has been emerging and has recently produced some fine performers. Its new and yes, it brings a new light with it. The words that flow out of heart, put down on a piece of paper, bring to you the pensive mood of a pondering mind. India is a land blessed with culture, spirit, literature, knowledge and a lot more.


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