Book Review: Love Across the Borders

Love Across the Borders- Sudam Chandra Panigrahi

Love Across the Borders- Sudam Chandra Panigrahi

Publisher: All about Books Global


No. of Pages:

Format: Paperback

Language: English
About the book:

As my kid chirps yet another Christmas song- with her eyes trained on our baking oven- I sit to scribble about my latest conquest- Sudam Chandra Panigrahi’s “Love across the borders”. The Cocoa tin is nearly empty but that in no way insists me to spend some cookies over the review of this book. Cross borders love affairs have marked our literary history and some are painstakingly and few are evergreen epitomes of wordy expressions. The present book can to be slotted in the middle of this war zone.

The book is about love and how politics plays the villain is the most horrid way. The writer has this distinctive poetic style that makes me believe in his poetic credibility. The story is about Jia and Jivan. Jia has come along with the Bejing Power management team- who are setting up a power plant at Jharsugda anf about Jivan who happens to be working at Varun Alumina. Now in India- as per the trends- flinging bombs at any place is common. A couple killed and several injured is also a common line in any newspaper.  Something like this happens and the protagonists are bound to spend a month’s time in the hospital.

Here I would like to quote my kid’s thoughtful observation, “when you are alone- you want someone to come and hug you and whisper to you- “Hey! Here I am and now there is nothing called lonely.” I guess that clicked in case of Kia and Jivan and that is how they found themselves. Their cultural differences were apparent only when other characters come into purview. This will include Jivan’s sister- Aparna, his all time admirer- Srabani and even his mother. I enjoyed the characters like Kailash and Diptesh. They really give us the true images of ideal friend. The Chinese counterparts like Wan and Julie were somewhat disappointing.

If there was a problem in the story- I think it was in the execution of the plot. Perhaps a little more care could have saved me from the bumpy reader’s journey through 250 pages at stretch.  Now I need to rush- kid in unison with the mechanic beep of my oven is calling me fanatically.


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