Book review: 45 days in a cancer hospital

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing

ISBN-13: 9789381576823

ISBN-10: 9381576823

No. of Pages: 298

Format: Paperback

Language: English
About the book:

My kids will envy me right at this moment! Least they can imagine-that I actually scored over them! Armed with the benefit of reading a medical suspense- I can tell them- Huh! Even we got our Robin Cook, Megan Hunt- in the making! Alka- I am not overstating your potential- just laying the bare facts down- lady- you got it in you! 45 days in a cancer hospital is a standing proof.

Or else who could have thought about catching the crook and keeping the cop company in such a balanced manner. Not blowing things up- just looking at Ashritha- the protagonist in my own way. Living in a hospital for 45 days- that’s the ground rule of this book. You can snug in your bed and scribble over your dairy or journal- with people in the next room crying in pain- but here comes the addition thrill- somebody sinister is out in the corridor late into the night- planning over his next kill.

A killer in a hospital- yes and not just one but more in number. Umeed Hospital is all about one man’s devotion to treat cancer patients- but that never erases old scars. Dr Chatterjee had failed to save his mother who had succumbed to bone cancer without her husband’s aid. This describes the man’s obsessive urge to treat anyone admitted to his hospital with this particular disease. But you can override the possibility of him quietly dragging his patients to their forced dead beds- his motive is more bordering along psychological trauma and repressive emotions. Dr. Amin- a human predicament- trying to live up to the thwarted expectations of his medical team- he has reasons to get back at Dr Chatterjee for  reprimanding him  in strong words. With doctors playing foul games with innocent patients- the nurses are perfect add ons. They are nervous, panicky and stoic as and when required.  After all- no one is saint in 45 days. A vicious number by itself- try spending such a period in a hell house you will know- (sorry if I am echoing one of my kids out here!). With hell closing in love seems an easy balm to the tightening noose around your neck- the subtle love story peeping from the corners of the book- warming up Animesh- the fun loving dotting CBI man and our personalized investigator-writer-and beloved Ashritha- 45 days is worth it. I would personally like to meet someone like Saurabh- (reasons confidential!!). 3 cookies out of 5 to Alka- for lucid language and well knitted plot. Perhaps you should consider keeping the narrative more compact and to the point to earn more brownie points in future.


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