The Three Mistakes of My Life by Chetan Bhagat

Published in May 2008, The Three Mistakes of My Life is Chetan Bhagat’s third best-selling novel and the story plot is based in the city of Ahmedabad in western India.


The Three Mistakes of My Life is the story of three youngsters who are bonded with the three things Cricket, Politics and Religion based on Indian psychology. As usual as Chetan Bhagat’s books , this book too has got lots of self-development and preaching but in a good way. And moreover it is a book anyone with a little English language can lay hands on, simple and straight to the point.


Govind Patel , the focus character of the story aims to start a business while private tutoring students on maths to support his mother abandoned by his father. His friends Ishaan ,a cricket freak and Omi , a boy from a religious background joins hands to help him start a cricket shop business. While Ishaan used his cricket passion to promote Govind’s business, Omi provided him a suitable place to begin the store through his connections. Chetan Bhagat’s business ideas delivered through his characters in the novel is well appreciated and wonderful .


All goes well, when they are encountered with two disastrous events in their life. The earthquake that made their plans swings downside and the Gujarat riots which even compelled them to change their routine. So now, the book develops on how they manage and how Govind struggled in his life to get back a proper situation is overall the main theme of the story.


In between to add some spice to the book, there is a romance going on between Govind and Ishaan’s sister Vidya, who came to him for Math private tuition. Omi, his friend reminds him now and then of Ishaan protective nature of his sister Vidya and the consequences of their relationship. The book explores the mistakes made by Govind, proving to be fatal and the dark reality of life overriding their passion of making their dreams.


The book received mixed reviews of some calling it baseless and others appreciate the novel was good. Chetan’s cleverness lies in his setting up one important character in all his books and then allowing it to travel all through the novels with usual real life situation and positive attitudes that make the book worth reading. One drawback is that the story holds lots of mistakes and twists that confuse the readers at some point.


Chetan Bhagat has the clinch in writing dramatic novels which eventually takes shape into film industry. After his Five point someone which was  a blockbuster named “Three Idiots” and One Night @ the Call Center making it to “HELLO”, this novel made into a movie version named “Kai Po Che! 2 directed by Abhishek Kapoor starring Sushant Singh Rajput, Raj Kumar Yadav, Amit Sadh .


Overall, the 3 mistakes of my life is a quick read for youngsters who loves Chetan Bhagat’s works and for those who are into movie , mark the name above .


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