Chetan Bhagat’s REVOLUTION 2020 – A Book Review

Revolution 2020 is Chetan Bhagat’s fifth book and most criticized book .The story has the usual and his own way of handling social stuffs and this time it is Corruption.

Chetan Bhagat visits GangaTech College in Varanasi to deliver a speech. There, he meets Gopal, the 26-year-old protagonist who has achieved great success in life surrounding himself with lots of money and yet has an unhappy life .The same day, Gopal invites Bhagat for a drink which Bhagat agrees. After an overdose of alcohol Gopal is been admitted in the hospital and this is where he shares his own past with Bhagat.

Three childhood friends Gopal ,Ragav and Aarthi has different aspirations in life with Gopal wanting to become rich ,Ragav wanting a global political change  and Aarthi wants to become an airhostess .

Revolution 2020 as the name says has very little than what the name actually says but still Chetan Bhagat taking steps to provide youthful solution of reducing corruption is appreciated. What the book lacks is the obvious fun factor when you compared to his other previous books like 2 States involving a racist humour.

In this book Revolution 2020, .the writer has very well portrait the life of a student who went to another city for studies but failed in his education. The author has clearly the rotten Indian education system and corruption that exists till date.  Gopal’s cribbing about not getting a good enough rank is the fate of Indian Education system and most of us would have crossed that pace in our life. This is where our fate of our life is chosen by the ranks we get than we choosing it.

Then our protagonist Gopal proceeds to set up his own business, GangaTech college in Varanasi with the help of an MLA Shukla using his Power .He pay bribes to everyone he comes across to keep the Engineering college running, from government officials to the faculties in the college. He finally achieved his dream to becoming rich.

On the other side, Ragav succeeds in his exams becomes a journalist and starts his own newsletter called Revolution 2020 in which he publishes an article about the Ganga Treatment Scam and proves that Shukla is a corrupt man. Aarthi is caught between the love of both her friends, switches from one to another due to the twists that arises in the story. The three friends then resolve the ending where in Aarthi gets married to Ragav whereas Gopal paves way for their happy future life.

Though almost many readers disliked the ending of Aarthi getting married to Ragav , I wish to differ from this .Gopal getting Aarthi would never would have made Gopal feel bad about his corrupted life on the contrary ,it would have made Gopal win after all his corrupted activities and that is not Revolution 2020 story plot was for. We must remember we have always inculcated in belief in our very old good cliché: Only Truth will win.



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