In Pursuit Of Infidelity By Sujata Parashar: Book Review


Book: In Pursuit Of Infidelity
Author: Sujata Parashar
ISBN: 8129115247
ISBN-13: 9788129115249, 978-8129115249
Binding: Paperback
Published: 2009
Publisher: Rupa and Company
Pages: 195
Language: English









In today’s fast paced world, infidelity is the term in almost every mouth. There has been many books written and published on this particular subject of infidelity so far, but this story is the one with which you can relate yourself.

Writer Sujata Parashar has done a very well job as a debut writer and has been able to describe her characters in a very convincing manner. The story is basically women oriented, because the writer has only talked about the emotions, anger and thoughts of the female protagonist, Sheena.

The story is about Sheena, the main protagonist, who is a busy professional and thinks that she is happily married to her husband Gaurav, until one day her past love bumps into her life and her life goes through turmoil of emotions and she feels the emptiness in her life.

Though Sheena and Gaurav are married, they don’t love each other. They are in a committed relationship only for the sake of their son Krish. They both are earning to secure his and their own futures. But suddenly Sheena’s long lost love Nikhil appears. And when he too admits his love for her, she gives in to the temptation and cannot control her heart.

She goes to Mumbai for work and also spends time with Nikhil where she ends up cheating her husband. She then decides to walk out of the marriage and talk about their relationship with Gaurav. But when she returns home, she gets to know that Gaurav is planning to leave for Singapore for business purposes. She decides to tell him everything once he comes back. But in the meantime, Gaurav gets attracted to a girl named Anita, and one night he breaks all inhibitions giving in to his heart’s desire.

When Sheena gets to know about Gaurav’s deeds, she feels extremely angry and cheated and demands a divorce. The character of Sheena is portrayed as a rather selfish woman. She was set to walk out of the marriage herself, but when she comes to know about Gaurav’s infidelity she feels hurt and cheated and grumbles upon him.

The language used by Sujata Parashar is free flowing, and the pace is also decent. The characters are quite real-life and you can relate yourself easily with them. A good story which has been properly scripted and the writer has done justice with the intimate scenes, which is explained in a very ethical yet passionate manner. Overall, a good read.


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One Response to In Pursuit Of Infidelity By Sujata Parashar: Book Review

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    A lovely review. Thanks for the intro to a new writer.

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